As your Lake Oswego City Councilor, I will use creativity and collaboration to maximize our public resources to positively impact our community. I will listen and learn from community members to develop smart and progressive policies for our City.

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“What I love about Emma is that she doesn’t view her role as jamming her opinion into each discussion. She takes a collaborative approach to local politics. When other candidates are asked about issues they often reply from an emotional state, whereas Emma comes fully prepared with facts, figures, research, and results from community outreach. Emma is as a mom, business owner, and activist, she is the candidate I support on the city council.”

Veronica Hanson, Business Owner & Mom

“We know Emma to be honest, authentic and well rooted in the community as a mom with kids in our local schools. She will represent an often less represented part of Lake Oswego with fresh, new ideas rooted in civility and graciousness.”

Peg and Eric Taussig

“I’ve seen Emma take an active approach to understanding issues, listening to community opinions, and researching how other jurisdictions successfully handle similar issues. Emma isn’t afraid of complex problems, hearing an individual’s view, and exploring a fair solution.”

Bret Hanson, Director on Lake Grove Fire District Board of Directors

“Emma is intelligent, progressive, and a voice of diversity.  Emma has a remarkable set of leadership, organizational, and budgetary skills for City Council forged as a single mother and sole provider, small business person, community volunteer, and student of good government. A collegial problem solver, Emma doesn’t run away from the hard decisions.”

Mike Kohlhoff, Lake Oswego resident

“Emma is the kind of smart, strong leader that Lake Oswego deserves. She shows up for her community, values diverse perspectives, and is always ready to engage in compassionate, informed problem solving.”

Courtney Neron, Oregon State Representative

“As a resident of Lake Oswego, Emma understands how our city is poised to be a regional player. Her collaborative leadership style will ensure productive relationships with her counterparts in other municipalities that will benefit generations of Lake Oswegans to come.”

Lynn Peterson, Metro Council President

“Emma Burke is a proud Progressive fighting for her community. Like me, Emma has dedicated her life to helping others and does so with a passion for improving overall health. Emma and I, both understand that we need a single payer healthcare system because no one should ever die because they can’t afford to pay for healthcare. Please join me in supporting Emma Burke for Lake Oswego City Council!”

Travis Nelson, RN, BSN, RN-BC

“I support Emma Burke for Lake Oswego City Council because she would bring the diverse perspectives of a small-business owner, community leader, and LGBTQ+ mother of school-age children.”

Valdez Bravo

“Totally support Emma Burke for City Council. Known Emma and her family for  several years. She brings a mother’s and small, business owner’s perspective to our fine City. Emma is well educated and dedicated to the long-term issues and planning for Lake Oswego.”

Paul Lyons

“Emma is one of the most savvy, compassionate, generous, resourceful and intelligent people I’ve ever known. Her combined kindness and smarts is very special. We will all benefit when Emma is looking out for our best interests on the Lake Oswego City Council!”

Karly Bannister, Owner/Acupuncturist, Keahi Health

“Emma Burke’s experience offers a refreshing change for our city’s governance. She’s a charismatic, intelligent, and motived small business owner and parent of school age children who cares for our natural environment. I’m confident Emma will listen, bring the right people to the table, and make good decisions to represent us all well!”

Scott Handley

“I support Emma Burke because I believe she will support ALL people. Emma will help our community grow in the right direction and will fight for what is right.”

Ticia Symonds, President, Legal Locator Service
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Oregon Working Families
Joint Council 37
Columbia Pacific Building and Construction Trades Council

Columbia Pacific Building and Construction Trades Council

Greater Portland NOW
Pacific Green Party
LiUna Local 737

Lake Oswego City Councilor Theresa Kohlhoff
LOSD School Board Chair Sara Pocklington
LOSD Board Member John Wallin

Paul Lyons
LOSD School Board Member Kirsten Aird

Valdez Bravo
LOSD School Board Member Neelam Gupta

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