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“What I love about Emma is that she doesn’t view her role as jamming her opinion into each discussion. She takes a collaborative approach to local politics. When other candidates are asked about issues they often reply from an emotional state, whereas Emma comes fully prepared with facts, figures, research, and results from community outreach. Emma is as a mom, business owner, and activist, she is the candidate I support on the city council.”

Veronica Hanson, Business Owner & Mom

“We know Emma to be honest, authentic and well rooted in the community as a mom with kids in our local schools. She will represent an often less represented part of Lake Oswego with fresh, new ideas rooted in civility and graciousness.”

Peg and Eric Taussig

“I’ve seen Emma take an active approach to understanding issues, listening to community opinions, and researching how other jurisdictions successfully handle similar issues. Emma isn’t afraid of complex problems, hearing an individual’s view, and exploring a fair solution.”

Bret Hanson, Director on Lake Grove Fire District Board of Directors

“Emma is intelligent, progressive, and a voice of diversity.  Emma has a remarkable set of leadership, organizational, and budgetary skills for City Council forged as a single mother and sole provider, small business person, community volunteer, and student of good government. A collegial problem solver, Emma doesn’t run away from the hard decisions.”

Mike Kohlhoff, Lake Oswego resident

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